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Evolution of the characteristics of Parametric X-ray Radiation from textured polycrystals under different observation angles

V.I.Alekseev, A.N.Eliseyev, E.Irribarra, I.A.Kishin, A.S.Klyuev, A.S.Kubankin, R.M.Nazhmudinov, P.N.Zhukov


The Parametric X-Ray radiation (PXR) spectra and yield dependencies on the orientation angle are measured during the interaction of 7 MeV electrons with a tungsten textured polycrystalline foil for different observation angles. The effects of PXR spectral density increase and PXR yield orientation dependence broadening in the backward direction is shown experimentally for the first time. The experimental results are compared with PXR kinematical theories for both mosaic crystals and polycrystals.

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